One Month into My Test of My Photler Website
One Month into My Test of My Photler Website

One Month into My Test of My Photler Website


As a follow up to my first blog which talked about my free two-week test of the Photler hosting platform, my experiment with Photler.com and the building of a personalized website is now almost a month old. My experience can be summed up by the fact that I have upgraded to the Premium program and spent a good bit of time refining the theme I picked and adding photos.

User support has been outstanding. Quick replies, usually less than 24 hours which, given the time difference between the US and Europe, is outstanding. My questions have all been answered and it has allowed me to move forward with the customization of my chosen theme—even though not everything I need/want is possible yet. New platform, much for them to do.

Having said that, it is still very much a growing and evolving web hosting platform. There are a number of small irritants that will be fixed in future versions, and some behind the scenes programming decisions and errors that need to be fixed. The mobile platform is still buggy. And there are a number of “hidden” limitations that can be overcome, but the steps to overcome them are not evident in the FAQs or from other sources. (i.e. the decision to default to three galleries maximum on the home page unless one goes into Pages and manually adds more—and by so doing opens up some other good options for increased descriptions).

I’m looking forward to getting more control of font sizes and especially the ability to upload the IPPT data (titles, captions, keywords) from Lightroom to avoid the very tedious and redundant need to enter them again in Photler. I’m told that’s coming. And, like Flickr and Smugmug and others, the ability to drag and drop into a specified “Publication” collection within Lightroom for automatic upload and changes. This step alone would vastly reduce the work of exporting images out of Lightroom so that they can then be reimported into Photler.

OK, all small points. The map with flags is what sold me on this platform, and I am finding it very useful. I haven’t set up selling or newsletters that is offered on the platform, but I will soon. Overall I am very happy with my decision to migrate my photos and to point all of my domain names to jseith.com—my new Photler website.